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. >> good evening, lester. it looks like one more job will be lost to the oil spill and u.s. government officials say it is the position of ceo of bp. a post held by tony hayward since 2007 until apparently very soon. since the oil started gushing back in april, bp has tried to weather its own storm surrounding it. and ceo tony hayward as the public face of the company has only made waves. >> i'm not stonewalling. >>> he stated that the size of the spill is tiny compared to the size of the gulf of mexico. while the crisis roiled, he attended a yacht race and then these memorable words. >> i'd like my life back. >> well, now it looks like he has it. reportedly, bp's board has been negotiating his departure and he may resign as early as tomorrow. one day before the board is set to announce a huge second quarter loss. bp is saying mr. hayward remains the chief executive officer and has the full confidence of our board and senior management. calling the reports just rumors and speculation. on the front lines today, boats that had to leave ahead of the storm are back. to continue preparing t
.org. and they have more. some of the documents ripped the cover off the u.s.-led war effort in afghanistan. they tell a story that some veterans of the region know full well. more civilian deaths than are ever reported, unexplained american deaths, questionable battlefield tactics and a mission just not going that well. this comes just as the u.s., of course, is gearing up this new push in the conflict. we have two reports to start off with tonight. first, our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. this massive leak provides incredible detail and insight into the u.s. war in afghanistan. day by day, battle by battle it's a tough look at the worst of the war. the staggering mountain of documents, nearly 92,000, covers a six-year stretch of the war ending last december when the u.s. war effort was failing and the taliban was on the rise. the secret documents were released by the whistleblower website wikileaks and its founder, julian assange. >> the real story of this material is that it's war. it's one damn thing after another. it is the continuou
in the u.s. >> say that again. that surprised me. more students -- >> in numbers we have about the same number of people getting degrees in computer science in the u.s. >> is that because you're playing catchup with the u.s.? >> that's right. we're focusing how technology is going to be really do well. it's very important and we're focusing on that. we recently built competitive but the focus is how we jump into knowledge based economy based in technology and technology means any things. not just software. >> do you use israel as a model of how you want to do this? there are companies based in silicon valley that have operations in israel and a couple weeks ago i went to an israel conference where there was a huge presence from google and oracle. >> israel has small country. mexico has tremendous opportunity. we have a fantastic condition and that's one of the things we're seeking. how we learn venture capitals to make an interview to michael cassidy and how we replicate that. we shop companies that are getting into that business and we pursue how we create that. >> how do you appeal to
>>> developing news out of afghanistan. the body of one of two missing u.s. sailors is found. we'll have the latest on the search for the second sailor. >> medical marijuana delivered to your doorstep. the delivery guy running for public office. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us now. >> good morning to you. kind of like yesterday morning. we have all these overcast skies and drizzle on the coast. if you're traveling over the summit highway, you will run into low clouds into livermore. i noticed temperatures through the afternoon, we'll get sunshine inland. 60s and 70 inland. pretty incredible for this time of year. if you want to find warmer weather, the end of the weekend and weekend should be make you happier. temperatures starting to climb mid to upper 80s inland. >> we want to say good morning to mike. >> out to fremont, southbound 880 just past central, there is an accident there still in the lanes southbound side. had all but one lane blocked. not a lot of activity. just a truck and smashed-up car on the siste
of interest. several environmental groups have asked u.s. district judge martin feldman to withdraw due to a number of investments he's made in oil and gas companies, but feldman has refused, saying, quote, the motion for disqualification is without merit. >>> bp's oil disaster is high up on the list of topics to be discussed by president obama in england's recently elected prime minister david cameron at the white house today. amid-american backlash against the british oil giant, the two are also expected to address whether bp had influence in the release of the lockerbie bomber from a scottish prison. before leaving for the u.s., cameron called the decision, quote, utterly wrong. u.s. lawmakers want to know whether there's a link between the freeing of the bomber, a libyan, and a bp oil deal with libya. >>> senate democrats are expected to push through a long delayed bill, extending unemployment benefits for 2.5 million americans today. the legislation had been stalled in the senate for weeks with democrats short a crucial 60th vote. but all that changes today with the swearing in of
of confidence. u.s. allies wondering if the united states can keep secrets in the middle of the war. here is what the white house spokesman had to say about that. >> besides being against the law, it has the potential to be very harmful to those that are in our military, those that are cooperating with our military, and those that are working to keep us safe. >> now, the white house had accused wikileaks of being against the war effort. the u.s. policy in afghanistan. but its founder says they scrutinized this information before releasing it. >>> we have tried hard to make sure this material does not put innocents at harm. all the material is over seven months old, so it's of no current operational consequence. >> reporter: and none of this expected to impact the passage of a $60 billion funding bill on capitol hill. lynn? >> tracie potts for us in washington. tracie, thank you. >>> well, bp confirmed this morning that tony hayward is stepping down as ceo. starting on october 1st, hayward will be replaced by american bob dudley. under the terms of his contract, hayward will receive one ye
, tensions are high in the u.s. and south korea are practicing military maneuvers off the korean peninsula. the world's most advanced aircraft, the f-22 is at the center of this morning's maneuvers. the f-22 raptor can detect missiles and evade missile sites with high tech equipment. the media got to see it in action as u.s. and south korean warships and helicopters practiced anti-submarine maneuvers. both militaries are preparing in defense just in case north korea were to attack. the u.s. may be on the verge of military action against iran. a former cia director says it seems more likely because no matter what the u.s. does diplomatically, tie raehran kee pushing ahead with their nuclear program. he predicts iran will be close to having an actual weapon soon and u.s. leaders said that military action, of course, is an option because sanctions don't seem to work. >>> check out the surveillance video, very close call. seven people were on board that boat that you see right there at the bullfrog marina when it exploded. amazingly most of the people were able to jump into the water for safet
to exchange the body of a u.s. serviceman forrin insurgent prisoners. they say the sailor was killed in an ambush two days ago, and another u.s. serviceman was taken into custody. taliban says the pair drove into an area under insurgent control, prompting a brief gun fight. it is unclear what led the men to leave their compound. the u.s. launched a massive air and ground search for the two missing men after they did not return to the compound on kabul on friday. elsewhere, five troops have been killed in separate bombings, putting july as the deadliest months for u.s. troops since the war began nine years ago. >>> new video this morning of former cuban president fidel castro appearing on state-run television in cuba. he attended a ceremony to pay his respects to fallen firefighters -- or rather fallen fighters in his revolution. during the public appearance, castro warned of an impending nuclear war sparked by the u.s. he says, and israel. this is the first video of him leaving havana since he had had surgery in july of 2006. >>> ships are getting back in place this morning at bp's b
, and they paint a devastating picture of the war in afghanistan. >>> this, as u.s. forces launch a manhunt for two american sailors who vanished three days ago. >>> top kill. bp's embattled ceo tony hayward reportedly set to be shown the door as the company's board meets today. will a change at the helm help bp's reputation with america? >>> and painful mix-up. police confuse a young survivor of an accident with another girl who died. this morning we'll hear from the father who spent a week at the bedside of a girl who turned out to be someone else's daughter. the tragic story today, monday, to be someone else's daughter. the tragic story today, monday, july 26, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. those documents on the website called wikileaks could be the largest unauthorized disclosure in u.s. history. they are painting a blaeak picture. >> 92,000 documents. they span six years. the u.s. is saying the leak jeopardizes those serving in the region. who leaked the reports and why? what d
. >>> missing in afghanistan, as the deadly war continues, two u.s. navy personnel go missing, and now there's word that the taliban may have taken one of them hostage. >>> and bear trapped, a bear gets stuck inside a car and manages to shift gears all because of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. it's not a joke. we'll have the exclusive story, "today" sunday july 25th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> even i'm jenna wolfe. this bear must be mortified, everyone is taking pictures of it. you have to read the story awe couple of times. >> the reason i said it wasn't a joke it seems like a setup for a joke. he ends up in the car but -- >> car door gets closed, knocks it into neutral, flying down the driveway. >> it gets funnier from there. we'll talk about that later on. >>> we'll talk about heat also, all been suffering, i say all the mid-atlantic, the east, northeast, many parts of the midwest and the suppressive heat. the midwest trying to recover from dangerous flooding, a dam in iow
. >>> is pakistan helping the taliban fight u.s. troops on the border with afghanistan? that's one of the implications from the thousands of classified military documents and field reports leaked on the internet today. the white house is playing down their impact but an unpopular war may become more so now. >> the documents consisted of action reports drawn up by u.s. forces in afghanistan between 2004 and 2009. troops were worried about local support and concerned about civilian deaths. 90,000 reports like these released online by wikileaks.org. the founder says that u.s. involvement is illegal. >> it does appear to be evidence of war crimes in this material. >> the leashinged material outlines how they help the taliban and how the anti-american jihad, until recently, was allegedly being guided by a former pakistani intelligence commander. as pakistan plays both sides, doubt grows among the ranks of u.s. forces that the war can be won. unrelated to the documents and apparent nato rocket killed 52 afghan civilians. support for president obama's plan to escalate the war could sag fu
for the proud ranks of the u.s. army. we begin tonight with our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. based on this new report, the army promises to fix its mental health problems and put its soldiers first, but it's got a long way to go. as a specialist in the army jennifer crane was sent off to afghanistan. >> two weeks after we landed there, we were attacked for the first time. >> reporter: the war took a heavy personal toll. once back home, she got hooked on cocaine and ended up on the streets. >> unfortunately, didn't cope with anything fairly well. >> reporter: jennifer got the necessary counseling and is back on her feet, but a devastating new report from the army today reveals that after nine years of war, thousands of soldiers never survive their own personal battles. >> we have an army that's been fully engaged for almost nine years now. i don't think that we fully understand the toll that that's taken on the forces. >> reporter: the numbers are staggering. last year, more than 1,700 soldiers attempted suicide. 160 succeeded -
been reported. a spokesperson for the u.s. geological survey says it's the d.c. area's largest quake on record. an ex-bush justice department official who approved brutal interrogation methods by the cia says he never signed off on some of the tactics detainees claimed were used on them. the revelation came in congressional testimony made public yesterday. in it he said that approved techniques such as waterboarding were used excessively and that the cia never asked for approval of other tactics, including punching, kicking, and dousing them with cold water. >>> according to u.s. army data last month, about a soldier a day committed suicide. june saw a record number of suicides. despite aggressive counseling programs, the number of those taking their own lives is up 12% from last year. >>> new data shows the last month was the hottest ever recorded on earth. according to measurements that go back to 1880, average mercury was 61 degrees, up more than a degree from the 20th century average. >>> and now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,3
sherrod, a georgia-based official with the u.s. department of agriculture and obama administration appointee, at a naacp dinner in march of this year describing her initial reluctance to help a white farmer who came for aid. >> i was struggling with the fact that so many black people had lost their farmland, and here i was faced with having to help a white person save their land. so i didn't give him the full force of what i could do. >> reporter: sherrod says the incident she was describing occurred more than 20 years ago, before she worked for the usda, a story she told as an example of overcoming her own prejudices. >> that's when it was revealed to me that it's about poor versus the people who have. >> and telling that story, how i changed while working with him, i used that to help others to see it's not about race. >> reporter: but the reaction was swift and certain. the usda asked her to resign. sherrod said she was driving when she got the call from an agriculture official in washington. >> she said, well, they want you to pull over to the side of the road and submit your r
legal showdown over arizona's tough new immigration law. the u.s. justice department is trying to block the new law before it goes into effect next week. today was their first day in court. our own lee cowan is in phoenix covering. lee, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. most people think the federal government does have a pretty good case here. the problem may be the timing. how do you ask a federal judge to quash a state statute even before it goes into effect? arizona today was arguing, at least give us a chance to prove ourselves first. [ chanting ] >> reporter: with just one week to go before arizona's new immigration law is scheduled to take effect, the protests outside the federal courthouse in phoenix today were louder than ever, on both sides of the debate. >> the law is black and white. you're either breaking the law or not. >> reporter: inside, the federal government was asking a judge to block the law, arguing arizona can't establish its own immigration policy, largely, it says, because it may interfere with federal enforcement of the nation's immigration laws.
the top kill. >> reporter: and perhaps finally end the disaster. jay gray, nbc news. >>> well, the u.s. military says hundreds of american troops are searching for two navy sailors who disappeared in a taliban stronghold in eastern afghanistan friday. yesterday the taliban claimed they killed one of the sailors and took the other as a prisoner after both were forced from their armored support utility vehicle. nato officials have not confirmed the reports and so characterize the unidentified men as missing. they're also conflicting reports about whether the body of one of the two has been recovered. nato officials refuse to say what the men were doing in such a dangerous part of the country. >>> the obama administration is condemning yesterday's release of more than 90,000 classified field reports from the war in afghanistan. the sensitive military records made public by an organization called wikileaks span from 2004 to january of this year and contain previously unreported killing of afghan civilians by coalition forces. they also describe u.s. fears that pakistan's intelligence servi
of fraud by the u.s. government. scott bud man is here, i hear the word lawsuit is being bandied about? >> this is the u.s. justice department going after oracle. announcing plans this afternoon to join a fraud lawsuit filed against oracle. claiming the company did not offer deals. the original lawsuit was filed by an oracle employee as a whistle-blower. the mountain view search giant says mainland china has cut off google's search engine. google shares falling in after hours trading because of that news. as for the regular session, can you see stocks fell despite a drop in jobless claims, investors still uncertain about the direction of our economy. speaking of uncertainty. toyota announcing a recall today. 400,000 of its avalon and lexus ls-470 models because of a recall that could lead to loss of driver control. back to you. >> thanks, scott. >>> a huge drug cartel hot bust nets almost 100 mexican nationals in the sierra mountains. the raids were part of a sweep in the mountain range. agents combed remote areas in fresno, madara counties, scoring $1.7 billion worth of illegal weed.
and 1860, 5 million immigrants came to the u.s. in 1862, the homestead act encouraged naturalizing by giving citizens title to 160 acres of land. in 1940 the alien registration act called for immigrants to get registered and fingerprinted. in 19 in52, the immigration and naturalization act pulled multiple immigration laws together under one law. >>> a developing story now from afghanistan. a senior military official says u.s. forces have found the body of the second sailor who has been missing. they have identified him as 25-year-old petty officer third class justin newlove. now, he disappeared with 30-year-old justin mcneely last friday near kabul. soldiers found mcneely dead earlier this week. the taliban claimed it killed the first sailor and had kidnapped the second one during a fire fight. nato officials have not said why the two service members were in such a dangerous part of eastern afghanistan in the first place. >>> new this morning as well, we have fresh information on a terrifying bear attack in a busy campground near yellowstone national park. one person was killed, tw
orleans. >>> fascinating story. now to another big topic on the minds of a lot of people -- the u.s. economy. consumer confidence plunged to the lowest levels we have seen in almost a year according to new numbers out today. the stock market went down along with it. the dow lost more than 261 points on this single day of trading. cnbc's senior economic reporter steve liesman is with us. steve, it's been a while since we spoke last. as you know, these figures that are coming out lend fuel and credence to the fear that we are going to have what's called the double dip recession. you're coming up near a recovery only to fall down again. how real is it? >> i think the fear is very real right now on the street. not a lot of optimism on the economy, although most economists, including those at the federal reserve, say that's probably not what's going to happen. although looking at the consumer sentiment numbers today, it was the eighth biggest drop we have had. the kind of drop we have seen for example around 9/11 and consumer pessimism rose and also the financial crash back in october. s
afghanistan filed by u.s. forces during a five-year period have been leaked to the internet. there is anger about that security breach, and about the revelations of how u.s. allies are allegedly helping the taliban. as nbc bay area's steve handlesman explains, an anti-war online group is attacking u.s. policy and they are the culprit of the leak. >> reporter: made public for classified intelligence and action reports, filed by u.s. forces in afghanistan from '04 to '09. troops worried about local support, worried about civilian deaths. 90,000 reports like these four released online by wikileaks.org. >> it's war. it's one damn thing after another. >> reporter: wikileaks founder julian asange claims u.s. involvement sill legal. >> it does appear to be evidence of war crimes in this material. >> reporter: leaks detail how pakistani intelligence, the isi, allegedly helped the taliban and how the anti-american jihad was allegedly still being advised recently by former isi commander general hamid ghul. pakistan playing both sides, u.s. forces doubting they can win separately but claimed today tha
, he doesn't come into the u.s. at all, fearing arrest. he could be charged as a material witness. he will be on the "today" show via satellite, talking with merideth veieira. she asks him if he would feel responsible. >> if somebody is executed because now their name is out there, would you consider that your form of collateral damage? >> yes, that would be true. if we had, in fact, made that mistake, then, of course, that would be something that we would take very seriously. >> now, the london times says it has found dozens of names of afghans credited with providing help to the u.s. on wick can i le leaks. the website only 2,000 of the 90,000 documents have been reviewed in depth. you can catch the rest of the interview on the "today" show coming up at 7:00. >>> 6:07 right now. san francisco's bayview-hunters point neighborhood will get a facelift. city supervisors gave the approval on the redevelopment project last night. the project on the site of the former hunters point u.s. naval shipyard would add more than 10,000 living units. nearly a third would be for low-income people. b
are blamed on drug cartels not only in mexico but in the u.s. >> it's increasing in the resources devoted to the southwest border in an unprecedented way. >> reporter: troops will be stationed in california, arizona, new mexico and texas they'll help the border patrol watch for smugglers and others crossing illegally. >>> hillary clinton is in afghanistan where she's expected to flow through on the country's pledged and make things more responsive. the international conference is going on and will be attended by senior officials from 60 countries. u.s. troops are scheduled to pull out of afghanistan next year. >>> a new study finds that a premiere vent could bring in more than a billion dollars to the bay area if it's held in san francisco. the study by the "san francisco chronicle" says the americas cup could bring in $1.4 billion, with most of it benefiting san francisco that would generate about 9,000 jobs. the america's cup is seen as being far more lucrative than the super bowl, which typically generates between $300 and $500 million. >> looking out into the opened ocean and here you
-offs, money for a summer jobs program, and improve security along the u.s./mexico border. the $60 billion bill, which is now limited chiefly toward funding, foreign aid, and medical care funding for veterans will head to the house where it faces an uncertain future. >>> a house investigative committee has dealt a serious blow to new york representative charles rangel, charging the 80-year-old congressman with multiple ethics violations. details of the charges against rangel are expected to be revealed next week, but sources say rangel has racked up violations for wrongful use of rent-stabilized manhattan apartments and failing to report rental income from a beachfront property in the dominican republic. rangel took out his mounting frustrations on nbc's luke russert when he was asked if he's afraid of losing his job. >> how do you think i got my job? i was elected, right? how do you think i'd lose it? >> lose two ways. you could lose it if your colleagues voted you out of here because of ethics violations or if your constituents did not -- >> what station are you from? >> nbc/msnbc. >> well, y
the two may have been killed or captured by the taliban. elsewhere in that country, five u.s. troops were killed in separate bombings. july is on course to become the deadliest month for troops in afghanistan since the war began nearly nine years ago. >>> starting today valejo police officers are doubling up saying it is too dangerous for officers to ride alone. half as many patrol cars are on the streets. it isn't expected to save the bankrupt city any money but will speed up response times because officers won't have to wait for backup. a week after the police department suspended canine and s.w.a.t. programs due to budget cuts. >>> in san francisco a scheme was broken up to sell illegally muni transfer tickets. last week two men were arrested teaming up to sell transfer tickets on their own. one of the men is a san francisco municipal employee. >>> we have breaking news out of vacaville. homes are threatened by a brushfire. we have the very latest from there. >> reporter: hi there. we know of at least three fires burning here in solana county, the latest is at the intersection of midwa
by allied forces looking for two missing u.s. navy personnel feared either captured or killed by taliban forces. the two apparently wandered off base. they drove off base on friday. they have not been heard from since. there are sketchy reports of a firefight that they went the wrong way down a particular seat. the u.s. military are saying the two are enlisted personnel there training afghan forces. meanwhile, yet more bad news from the south of afghanistan near kandahar city. five americans killed today, earlier today in afghanistan. during that offensive as american forces try to push taliban forces out of kandahar. that is a traditional stronghold of the taliban. all five were killed by roadside blasts including four in one blast. lester, this comes as the president ordered plus-up of 30,000 extra american troops that he ordered back in december. that is still under way. yet more challenges for the president's afghan policy here in washington as the house and senate have so far been unable to agree on a $60 billion war funding bill. there is fear they won't get that done before they l
, today's gdp number is widely expected to stoke concerns the u.s. could be heading into a double dip recession. >>> consumer staples were hammered thursday. kellogg lowered its guidance after reporting a lackluster second quarter, shares fell almost 7%. colgate-palmolive shares sank thursday after posting revenue below expectations and a lower forecast, mainly thanks to its largest latin american market, venezuela, devaluing its currency. >>> on the plus side, southwest airlines, the nation's biggest discount airline, beat analysts' expectations. and elsewhere, walt disney is selling miramax films to film yard holding investor group for about $660 million, ending a 17-year association with the studio. miramax says the oscar film library is full of prestigious films like "goodwill hunting." elsewhere, citigroup will pay $75 million to settle civil charges that it mislead investors about its sub prime mortgages in 2007. >>> and toyota is recalling -- again, this time nearly half a million cars, most of them large sedans sold in the u.s. for problems that cause the steering wheel to loc
now, i think the markets not only in the u.s., but globally are very attractive right now, and what i see particularly attractive are dividend-paying stocks. with interest rates so low, you can pick up dividend-paying stocks or portfolios of dividend paying stocks toward those stocks which are yielding three 3% to 4% that is longer than long-term treasury bonds. >> jeremy, ask you about the reform. the president signed the financial regulatory reform law this week. what do you think this regulation means for the financial stability and economic growth. do you think the financial services industry will look very different say two years out? >> probably not. a lot othe worst measures were toned down. the 50 to $75 million bank bailout fund which by the way, now looks like the government for fannie and freddie will be making money on its investments in the bank and it seems to be that that was not a necessary feature. a lot of those were eliminated at the end. it depends on the regulators that they put in. there's a lot of flexibility. there's a lot of scope in this bill for the regulato
in a little bit. >> thanks a lot, bob. developing news this morning. nato says soldiers found the body of a u.s. sailor who went missing from a compound in afghanistan. they have identified the dead sailor as 30 yard justin mcneley. he and another sailor disappeared on friday. a search is still on for the other sailor. the taliban claimed it killed one soldier and captured the other. >>> an update to a story we told you about yesterday morning. richmond police are looking for the man who car-jacked a car, accidentally kidnapping a 5-year-old girl in the back seat. the little girl was waiting in her father's car at a gas station when somebody stole it just before 6:00 yesterday morning. the thief dropped the little girl off a few blocks away. she is doing fine. >> the manhunt is over. both people suspected of shooting a virginia man in town for a job interview with google have been arrested. police arrested george huggins yesterday. a good samaritan held him down until police arrived. saturday, officers arrested huggins' fwoif at his oakland home. they found piles of stuffed animals, a wall of g
are here legally, including u.s. citizens, while their immigration status was checked. arizona's governor, jan brewer, vowed to appeal and said the legal fight is far from over. >> obviously it's a little bump in the road, i believe. >> reporter: but legal scholars say given that the law has yet to be enforced, the state probably will not get quick legal results. >> the fact that the injunction preserves the status quo means that we won't see any immediate change. we won't see arizona at least having a strong argument that this has to be resolved overnight. >> reporter: for now, even though the law requiring checks for illegal immigrants is on hold, some arizona officials say police can still do those checks voluntarily. >> we arrest people every day for all types of violations. and if they're here illegally, we're going to take action. so really nothing has changed. >> reporter: the state's next stop is the federal court of appeals in san francisco, probably later today, and whoever loses there will almost certainly urge the u.s. supreme court to get involved. meredith? >> all right, pet
one of the mission u.s. navy sailors in afghanistan and it's holding the other hostage. the two mendic appeared on friday. they were last seen driving into a taliban-held area south of kabul. now the taliban is offering to exchange the body of the sailor for insurgent prisoners. meanwhile, an intense manhunt is still under way for the sailors. and a reward of $20,000 is being offered for information leading to their location. >> there is a tremendous amount of effort going on to find them, to search. and beyond that, i wouldn't -- i can't discuss any additional details at this point in time. >> local leaders say the sailors should have notified afghan security forces before leaving their base. and military leaders have not said why the men drove into the taliban area in the first place. >>> bp's embattled ceo appears to be on his way out for good tonight. a senior u.s. government official says tony hayward is being permanently replaced and could be gone as early as tomorrow. hayward has been somewhat of a pr disaster for bp. early on, he said he wanted his life back while speaking to l
, in the meantime, what's the immediate impact on the u.s. fighting force in the field? >> well, it certainly gives them new information, those who haven't had access to it. but no one thinks it's going to change the way they provide intelligence, because it's a hallmark of the new war fighting that everyone have access to as much information as possible. >> all right, as we continue to sort through it, andrea mitchell in our washington newsroom to start us off. andrea, thanks. >>> meanwhile on capitol hill in washington, there was a nomination hearing today for the marine corps general picked to replace david petraeus in afghanistan. a big job. and general james mattis is another one who like the recently retired general mcchrystal is a very blunt talker and veteran warrior. our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski has more on the hearings and the general. >> reporter: this is not exactly what general james mattis had in mind when ordered to take the hill. but in his senate hearing today, mattis, true to form, did not pull any punches. like his reaction to the leak of thousands of classified do
up to be a day of financial relief for more than 250,000 californians. the u.s. senate will likely vote to extend federal unemployment benefits. but for a growing number of jobless workers who have exhausted their benefits even extensions won't help anymore. president obama wanted to put a face on the desperation of the unemployed. three faces, in fact. obama described his guests as middle class americans and said they shouldn't be used as hostages by senate republicans who have been holding up an extension of unemployment benefits. >> after years of championing policies that turned a record surplus into a massive deficit, the same people who didn't have any problems spending hundreds of billions of dollars on tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are now saying we shouldn't offer relief to middle class americans like jim or leslie or denise who really need help. >> they've needed help since may when benefits expired for 2.5 million americans. that number includes 268,000 californians. another 147,000 workers in the state have exhausted their 99-week maximums and won't be helped
was among four u.s. troops killed in afghanistan earlier this week. 21-year-old chase stanley died wednesday in southern afghanistan. the department of defense says stanley and others were riding in a military vehicle when an explosive device went off. as of today nearly 1,100 troops died in afghanistan, pakistan and uzbekistan. >>> it is not apple gailt from the big man himself. apple fought back today inviting reporters to its headquarters to explain why its newest iphone is good to go just in need of a little accessory. among those there, business and tech reporter scott budman. was jobs convincing today? >> reporter: well, it depends on who you ask. i watched the stock price on wall street as jobs spoke and apple price went up. customers say for the most part they are happy with the iphone 4. the four has been a success in. three weeks we've seen 3 million sales. jobs trumpeting that but admitting it's not perfect and admitting that the antenna had some problems even calling it antennagate. how to solve those problems and move forward away from this bad press? well, jobs laid out three t
illegally should not expect equal protection. >> reporter: this woman wasn't planning on staying in the u.s. long. she came 17 years ago with her parents to learn english. after seeing the opportunities here, plans changed. >> they left their family, everything that we had so that i could finish high school here and then go to university. >> reporter: she says after their visas expired, her parents struggled for years to find work. eventually she got married and was able to sponsor them. >> for the first time in 17 years i can breathe deep and know that they're okay. the sad part is that working in the community i hear every day from the ladies that i work with and the schools and the communities, oh, they took my husband. what am i going to do? >> reporter: she is now a community organizer, focusing on getting the controversial arizona immigration law repeeled. >> arizona has a broken immigration system. trop day a judge blocked the most controversial parts of the law from taking effect now. not everyone sees this as a victory. >> we're a nation of laws and we have to uphold the laws. othe
of the 1200 troop force that will start taking up positions along the southwest border of the u.s. on august 1st. the obama administration is trying to show a commitment to stopping cartel violence and illegal immigration by clamping down along the border with mexico. kidnappings, extortions, and thousands of deaths are blamed on drug cartels in mexico and the u.s. >> we're seeing a building on past efforts but also an increase in the resources devoted to the southwest border in an unprecedented way. >> troops will be stationed in california, arizona, new mexico, and texas and help the border patrol watch for smugglers and other people trying to cross the border illegally. >>> time now is 5:07. we want to check your morning commute with mike. >> good morning. we'll take you up to the north bay at this time. we have a little more construction sticking a round. this is southbound 101 at the off ramp. it's scheduled to be closed possibly another hour so local city areas know about the detours and as you're coming off the richmond center field bridge, 580, no major issues. you see speeds lifted up
to have an impact it this summer, had reached out to the attorney general's office, the u.s. attorney, he's calling a meeting in the month of august. >> reporter: that's even got the ear of u.s. attorney general eric holder when he was in the bay area in may. he says he promised to bring resources to oakland to help stop violence. but for porter that all sounds good, but he would like to see him reach out more to the community. >> if they're going to have a commitment to community policing, they need to include the community in that process. the community has been eliminated for the past i'd say five years. >> reporter: well, in addition to the band you're listening to right now in front of city hall, there is a council meeting going on right now. tonight they're going to discuss taxation on medical marijuana and seven ballot measures that may appear on the november ballot to bring about money to bring back police officers. i'm told it might be a long night. >> reporter:ing live in oakland, cheryl heard bay area news. >>> police are investigating a man who went to it elaborate lengths to
the obama administration moved with lightning speed to dismiss a mid-level official with the u.s. department of agriculture. in a controversy over what appeared to be damaging racist remarks captured on videotape, and then posted on a conservative blog. tonight we have learned a lot more about the story, and about the woman in question. we begin our coverage of this fast-moving story with nbc's savannah guthrie. she's in the white house briefing room in the west wing. savannah, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. white house officials say the decision to fire this official, shirley sherrod was solely at the discretion of the agricultural secretary, tom vilsack. the president was briefed afterwards and fully supports the decision. it's the video that became an overnight cable and internet sensation. >> the first time i was faced with helping a white farmer save his farm. >> reporter: posted on a conservative website, it shows shirley sherrod at an naacp dinner in march of this year describing her initial reluctance to help a white farmer who came for aid. >> i was struck by the fa
. u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner said letting the tax cuts expire is the right thing to do but he wants to retain the tax cut for the middle class. the republicans say if the tax cuts for the rich go away, they'll take more jobs with them. >> only in washington, d.c., would anyone believe that raising taxes creates more jobs. they know we can't tax and spend our way back to a growing economy. >> i think it is fair and good policy to allow those tax cuts that only go to 2% to 3% of the highest earners in the country to expire as scheduled. >> reporter: that leaves republicans and fiscally conservative democrats with a tough choice. keep the tax cuts for the rich, that is and risk the anger of the middle class in this election year. >>> the days are ticking down until arizona's controversial new immigration law takes effect on thursday. the legal fight is far from over. on friday there were two sfr separate hearings in phoenix that attracted hundreds of protesters. they claim the law would undermine u.s. foreign policy and that immigration is a federal, not state responsibili
in california and try to get the hold lifted. if that doesn't work, arizona could try to get the u.s. supreme court involved but that could take several months at least, brian. >> okay. pete williams rounding out our coverage for now from our washington newsroom. pete, thanks. >>> it was 100 days ago the people of the gulf coast were just getting ready for the summer tourist season. working on the fishing grounds, some drilling for oil. we got word one night that a big rig had gone up in flames. we later learned it was a bp rig called the "deepwater horizon." we did not know then that it would change life in the gulf. tonight, the oil is no longer billowing out. there is a temporary cap on the well, but look at the damage. 630 miles of coast land coated with oil. a third of the fishing grounds will be closed indefinitely. that right there is a way of life. our own anne thompson has covered this virtually from day one. she's in venice harbor, louisiana, tonight. anne, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. as crews zero in on finally killing that well, the people who live around the v
courts. it's made up of 27 active judges, by far the largest in the u.s. the appeal will likely be heard by a panel of three judges who are randomly selected from the available judges. arizona will most likely -- will probably try to fast-track court filings and a ruling. legal experts say it could still take weeks or months to get a decision. >>> many california farm workers started their workday before the sun came up this morning and many of them will work much more than an eight-hour day. however, they will not get overtime pay. that's because governor schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would with have made california farm workers the first in the nation to earn overtime. the governor says federal law already keeps farmworkers from working overtime. he also says increasing overtime protection in a weak economy could put a lot farmers out of business. supporters of the bill link that veto to labor practicals of the segregationist south. >>> six people injured in a deadly bus crash last week are now suing gray hound. the wreck killed six and injured nearly two dozen when the bus slammed
to support her. the nurses association has endorsed jerry brown for governorn the race for u.s. senate, barbara boxer has a clear financial advantage over her rival. republican candidate carly fiorina reported her campaign had just $953,000 in the bank as of june 30th. the former hewlett packard ceo gave her campaign $5.5 million for the june 8 primary but provided no personal money since then. boxer reported she has $11.3 million at the end of june. she is trying to win a fourth term as u.s. senator. >>> a third body was recovered from the surf near point ray after a boat capsized yesterday. authorities haven't released the name of the latest victim. we know if identities of the two men recovered yesterday. the coroner's office says the two men drown when their sportfishing boat was hit by a wave. one was from river bank california and the other from arkansas. neither man was wearing a life jacket. one man is still missing. >>> the golden state warriors do have new ownership, and it is not the person many were expecting to take the reigns. lauren scott is here. what a surprise this on
on your salad or past a wants you to think again. many of the top grade sold in the u.s. may not be quite as advertised. research shows 69% of the imported oils and 10 mrs of domestic oils don't measure up to international standards. u.s. department of agriculture is working on standards for labeling. >>> if you do all of your banking online, bank of america may want your business. it's about to launch a checking account that customers can access online only. the e-banking account would not require a minimum balance and there are no monthly fees. however, the customer has to do all of their banking online or through atms and you have to agree to go paperless. customers who even think about using a teller to make deposit or withdrawal are going to get charged a fee. $9 fee for that. bank of america started testing the concept in georgia last november. they plan to offer the accounts nationwide next month. so -- >> don't even look at the tellers. >> don't go in there, don't talk to them, don't engage in conversation. >> what if you have a cash deposit? >> you're going to be in trouble. >> m
everything, laura with the u.s. military and when we find out more, we will tell you. >>> officials aren't the only ones looking at leaked documents about the afghan war. taliban leaders as well. a taliban spokesman says they are stud dick the 92,000 pages released by the website called wicky los angeles. they will hunt down informants named in the papers, the taliban says. the pentagon asked the fbi to join in its investigation. "the wall street journal" reports investigate verse concrete evidence that army private first class bradley manning leaked the documents to the website. >>> tomorrow will mark a year behind bars for the three uc berkeley grads detained in iran, no charges against the three. police say they crossed over the border illegally in iraq. iran says the hikers are spies but the state department and hikers' families deny those claims i. >>> 6:08 now, time to get local. usually call it friday light. . it s lakeville road, lakeville number 3 the exit closed for about 15 minutes, should be reopening any second now, as we do have an accident that was in place blocking there,
unemployment rate fell to 9.5%. a bay area soldier was among four u.s. troops killed in afghanistan earlier this week. >>> 21-year-old chase stanley from that anapa, died. the department of defense said stanley and others were righting in a mile care vehicle when a explosive device went up. as of today, more than 11,000 troops have died as a result of the invasion of 2001. >>> on monday, supporters of former b.a.r.t. police officer overhasn't mehserle plan to watch in walnut creek and police are getting ready. set to happen at the walnut creek courthouse on civic dive, a few blocks away from downtown. we are at the courthouse with reaction from the police chief and the people who live there. cheryl? >> reporter: that's right. barriers are in every corner of the parking lot for police to use on monday. the police chief tells me he instructed his staff to post them so cars won't be allowed in this parking lot to people will have this entire space to exercise their first amendment right. >> people attending the event need to respect everyone's opinion, whether they agree with it or not. >> rep
is on the verge of becoming the first u.s.-born asian-american to play in the nba and the first livevy leagivn more than a half sentry. he's live where he was a star player. >> reporter: he wanted to walk across the street and attend the university. but he didn't get a scholarship, so he started at harvard instead but then no nba team drafted him. now he's about to prove his doubters wrong. >> comes up with the turover. >> reporter: it's plays like this during the summer league that quickly put jeremy high on the nba radar. i knew i could play. i just needed a chance. >> reporter: he took a chance and is now negotiating with several teams on a cross section and lynn doesn't plan to change much. >> a total dream come true. never thought it would come close to reality. >> reporter: he's a devout christian. the 6'4" point guard graduated with a 3.1 gpa from harvard, an economics major and may soon be the smartest player on the court. >> that's going to take adjustment, though. coming in i'm not going to be the smartest one. your attitude going in to be humble and that's what i try to focus on. >>
of the world. china has surpassed the united states as the world's largest consumer of energy. the u.s. still uses more oil, but china's massive use of coal has now made it the biggest overall energy user on the planet. that fact points to how hard the recession hit the united states and the lingering effect of high unemployment was on the president's agenda today. he called again for an extension of unemployment benefits which republicans have blocked up to now because it would add to the country's huge budget deficit. our chief white house correspondent chuck todd is with us now from the briefing room with more. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. no one is feeling the effects of this sluggish economy more than those folks who currently can't find a job. and today the president stepped right into this political fight over how to pay for an extension of benefits for the long-term unemployed. appearing alongside three unemployed americans, the president took to the rose garden to blame republicans for blocking an extension of unemployment benefits. >> for the past few weeks
with their next birth. by the way, c-sections now account for about a third of all births in the u.s. that's an all-time high in this country. we'll put both stories on our website tonight. >>> when nbc "nightly news" continues in a moment, the fight to save one of the giants of the water threatened by the oil in the water and now threatened altogether. >>> later, trying to uncover the secrets of the wedding of the season. >>> we're back with more now on the gulf oil disaster and its impact. tonight, we focus on one of the amazing creatures found in the waters there -- the giant bluefin tuna. they can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and live more than three decades, but their numbers, as you may know, have dropped sharply due to overfishing. now, some are actually worried this oil nightmare could end their time on earth. our report tonight from our wildlife and science expert, jeff corwin. >> reporter: veteran charter boat captain greg sears setting off from scituate, massachusetts, at first light in hot pursuit of the giant bluefin tuna. >> are you going to fish the spot you talked about yesterd
administration in the last of a string of investigations over the controversial firing of nine u.s. attorneys back in 2006. the dismissals were found to be inappropriately political but not criminal. then attorney general alberto gonzalez resigned amid the scandal and accusations the administration improperly dismissed the attorneys to influence criminal cases. >>> republican national committee chairman michael steele is under fire again. this time the heat is coming from his own party with accusations from the rnc's treasurer that steele hid more than $7 million in party debt to beef up its bottom line ahead of midterm elections. rnc officials deny the charges, which could carry a hefty fine. >>> in new hampshire, beach-goers beware. at least 100 people were stung by pieces of a dead jellyfish that scattered along the shore after lifeguards tried to remove it from the water. nine children were reportedly treated at a hospital for their injuries. >>> and if you think it's been a hot summer, imagine if the sun was 300 times its current size. now, this is not a doomsday report. however, scienti
chrystal, the former commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, whose storied career came to an abrupt end after he and his staff criticized and mocked the civilian leadership, including the president, in a "rolling stone" article. in his last form elect, mcchrystal saluted the troop at fort mcnair for the final time. >>> longtime journalist daniel schorr has died. schorr reported and broke stories at home and abroad for more than 70 years, many of them as one of the original murrow boys at cbs news. he covered world war ii, the cold war and perhaps most famously, watergate, where he discovered his own name on the so-called nixon enemies list. in 1976, he refused to tell congress who his source had been on a story about illegal cia and fbi activities. >> betray your source would be for me to betray myself, my career and my life. and to say that i refuse to do it isn't quite saying it right. i cannot do it. >> schorr was forced out of cbs that same year, did a brief stint at cnn, and for the last 25 years, he was a senior news analyst with npr, still on the air until two weeks ago. dan schorr died t
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